Precision Autonomy announces partnership with Bask Aerospace

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Precision Autonomy today announces a partnership with Bask Aerospace, a prominent manufacturer and training provider, to offer access to pay as you go insurance. Precision Autonomy’s insurance application is now offered with purchase of Bask Aerospace units and accessories.

The Partnership

Bask Aerospace develops bespoke solutions for commercial operators from Next Gen drone units to an array of payloads, batteries, and sensors. The fourth generation AeroDrone series has been fully redesigned around the Pixhawk 2 advanced open-source autopilot system, and comes with a variety of features like wireless telemetry, a twist-lock payload connector, and more.

The Insurance

bask insurance MU.jpg

Commercial operators can download the Precision Autonomy app to pay per-flight-minute for insurance cover. Users can insure any asset, from mid-range units to specialized drones and payloads.

How it Works

Operators first sign up for an annual ground cover policy at a low base fee to protect their assets on the ground. Ground coverage includes any damage to hulls, payloads, sensors or ground equipment, as well as protection against loss or theft.

Users can then download the app to activate insurance cover at the point of flight. On the app, operators can click to claim incidents to send automated reports to underwriters, insure any drone or payload type, and swipe to purchase flight cover instantly. Learn more about what’s covered here.

Operators can also access a suite of fleet and asset management tools completely free with their insurance policy. Use in-depth flight data insights, asset management tools, and pilot performance tracking for easy analysis and invoicing.


Bask Aerospace

David Skinner, Managing Director

e: | p: +61 3 9007 0488


Precision Autonomy

Eliza Jorn, Marketing & Communications Manager

e: | p: +1 732 610 0202

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